Automate your taxi company


Quickly. Easily. Convenient


A modern taxi company with professional drivers is our concern

The modern world imposes increasingly stringent requirements for movement speed. Today we can no longer spend too much time making a trip or waiting for a taxi driver. We began to appreciate efficiency and comfort.

The opportunity to work in taxi has become affordable and convenient relatively recently. New taxi companies are opening every day in Russia. It allows millions of drivers around the country to earn money on passenger transportation.

The main task of the Handy Taxi service is to make this cooperation mutually beneficial and comfortable both for drivers and taxi companies.

Instant payments to cards of any bank

To cards of any Russian bank – easily, quickly and automatically.

Handy Taxi has developed a payment system for taxi companies to integrate with any aggregator, a fraud protection system, and a convenient mobile application for drivers. Free up time for the development your taxi company and earn more with us.

Your own mobile application

More drivers, reliability indicator, support automation.

Release your own mobile application with the ability to attract new drivers, with free notifications about news and promotions.

A branded mobile application for drivers is the best indicator of your taxi company reliability.

Technical support –