HandyBank System

HandyBank is a nationally significant payment system

Registered in the Register of Payment System Operators of the Bank of Russia under №0009:

  • Each participating bank is an issuer of payment services. Transactions are performed by the bank’s clients through the HandyBank System;
  • The bank can act as an acquirer: its merchants become available to receive payments from clients of all participating banks;
  • The economic model is similar to the Visa/Mastercard international payment systems – banks receive remuneration (interchange) for their clients’ transactions and pay commissions (settlement fee) to the system operator, independently set tariffs for their clients.

This is a remote banking system

HandyBank outsourcing (SaaS) remote banking solution can be used as:

  • Payment service for bank cardholders, as well as an addition to the existing remote banking system;
  • Built-in payment function expanding the remote banking options;
  • Fully functional online banking focused on solving the widest possible range of remote banking tasks.

These are new opportunities for the bank developing remote banking service

An integrated solution with a low cost of ownership allows you to turn remote banking into a new source of income, as well as:

  • Increase loyalty and expand communication with clients;
  • Implement an effective channel for promoting the bank’s products and services;
  • Get additional commission income and increase clients’ account balances;
  • Implement unique retail programs and attract new clients;
  • Optimize the costs of IT and operational work in the bank.

It is a reliable and secure payment system

The HandyBank System is regularly certified for compliance with security requirements, and its high degree of reliability is confirmed by an insurance certificate:

  • PCI DSS certification is carried out by Security Research & Consulting GmbH, a licensed auditor;
  • Certification as part of a regular inspection of HandySolutions Payment System LTD conducted by the Bank of Russia;
  • The risks of clients associated with transactions in the System are insured by Rosgosstrakh with a limit of 3 million rubles for one insurance event.